SAMSUNG Original 25W , USB -C Consonant Power Adaptor


Model NameOriginal EP-TA800NBEGIN USB Type-C (Fast Charge 2.0)
Output Current3 A
Designed ForSamsung phones
Connector Type USB Type C Cable
Warranty1 Year





Super Fast Charging to stay ready Give your mobile devices the powerful and safe charging support they deserve. This Wall Charger provides Super Fast Charging with USB-C PD 3.0 PPS at up to max 25W for capable devices. So when you do run low, it’s not for long.Compatible with various devices Wall Charger does the job for Android devices as well as devices that run different operating systems. For this Wall Charger, the size of your devices isn’t a problem; from earbuds to laptops, take advantage of an ideal charging time for your devices at speeds they can manage to handle.

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