vivo Travel Charger 2 A Mobile Charger


Model NameViVo New startup fast charging adptor with cable 2.4 A Mobile Charger with Detachable Cable
Output Current3 A
Designed ForVivo Charger, VIVO(V9/V9 Plus), vivo charger, vivo charger adapter with cable, vivo fast charger, vivo mobile charger, vivo charger with cable, vivo charger cable fast charging, vivo charger fast charger, Vivo V9 / V9 Pro / V9 Youth / V11 Pro / Y81 / Y95 / V15 / V15 pro / Z1 Pro / Z1x / Y91 / Y17 / Vivo S1 / V12 / Y93 / Y83 Pro
Connector TypeMicro USB Cable



Ultra Fast charging to save your time.100% Compatible Fast Charging Adapter, Good Charging Speeds & Easy to carry Smart Charge. Auto Detects the connected device and charges it at the fastest speed of the device. Compatible with Samsung /Compatible For Samsung / LG / Oppo / Mi / HTC / And all phones like vivo y11, vivo v5 plus, vivo v3, vivo v7, v7+, v9, v9 youth, vivo y69, vivo v5, vivo v1, vivo v1 max vivo v3 max, vivo v5s, vivo y53, vivo y21, vivo v3, vivo y15, vivo y31l and other models Micro USB (Compatible with all Micro USB Phones) Good Charging Speeds Most Powerful Turbo – Charge any USB powered devices at top speed continuously CHARGE SAFELY,REST EASY :Get built-in protection from power surges, extreme heat, and other dangers, and know your smartphone or tablet will remain safe while charging ONE FOR ALL: Charge any single usb or micro usb enabled device. It supports a wide range of profiles that can take advantage of blazing-fast charging speeds

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